Recognition and Incentive


Our sister company, PerformanceLink, has developed a friendly, intuitive recognition and incentive software program. This partnership provides our clients with the ability to deliver value-based employee engagement and workplace culture improvements that encourage great talent to continually thrive and perform. How do you create and sustain such a culture?

Our approach is four-fold:

  • We clearly understand how your current culture impacts your employees and their ability and willingness to do their job properly, along with their propensity to continuously improve.
  • Together with your leadership team, we identify and define the internal key performance indicators (KPIs) essential to improvement.
  • We develop a portfolio of employee recognition programs that directly align with these outcomes and recognize the specific actions and behavior of all employees driving this performance with relevant and meaningful incentives and rewards.
  • Finally, with all of our accumulated data, we create a tailored program that is supported by our proprietary site for ‘all things recognition.’ The site provides the entire business process behind recognition, including nominations, adjudication, communication, award redemption, tracking and history, along with complete financial reporting and program measurements.