Branded Merchandise & Recognition

It’s about your brand represented by the best products, fashions, and technology available. And with Grapevine, it’s products that are safe and responsibly sourced too.

Want to get the latest, greatest apparel that really shows off your brand’s logo? From street-style trends in apparel to sports gear and tech accessories, our team moves into action with the best selection to represent your target market and meet your goals. We produce everything from traditional e-commerce company store platforms for branded merchandise to unique custom logoed items designed specifically for your brand. We’re experts at sourcing the world for just the right promotional products to represent your brand. And, if it doesn’t exist, we design it and manufacture exactly to your agreed upon specs.


We can lead the charge on designing every element of your corporate event. When our team drives the creative process, it’s much easier to extend the branding across registration kits, invites, signage, decor, themed gifts/giveaways, collateral copy, and commemorative pieces.

It’s our job to ensure your inventory is accurate and delivered on-time directly to your event. We’ll even tackle major league details like alphabetized recipient kits, collation of print materials, and event badges with custom agendas for each attendee.


When it’s critical to get your team on the same page, we’re experts at developing the perfect medium to do so. We can facilitate materials for everything from a small brand launch to a training workshop for your equipment dealers. The key is to create universal tools that effectively engage, excite, and convey information. Whether these tools are created in English or translated into Spanish or French, with print materials or plug-in downloads, we can recommend the best approach. Equally as important, we help companies optimize their value proposition by creating sales tools to help them slay that proverbial dragon with sales sheets, brochures, training kits, product launch materials, and lead generation tools.


We offer a friendly, intuitive recognition and incentive management platform that provides our clients with the ability to deliver value-based employee engagement and recognition programs that encourage great talent to continually thrive and perform.

How do you create and sustain such a culture?

Our approach is four-fold:

  • First we clearly understand how your current culture impacts your employees and their ability and willingness to do their job properly, along with their propensity to continuously improve.
  • Together with your leadership team, we identify and define the internal key performance indicators (KPIs) essential to improvement.
  • We develop a portfolio of employee recognition programs that directly align with these outcomes, recognizing the specific actions and behavior of all employees driving this performance with relevant and meaningful incentives and rewards.
  • Finally we customize your program that is supported by an easy to use website branded for your organization. The site provides the entire business process behind recognition, from nominations to fulfillment and program measurements.