Creativity: The Right-Brained Way to do Promo

Fleeting online advertisements. You’ve seen them. But, do you remember them? A well-designed promotional item has the power to cut through the noise (and annoyance) of the digital marketing world by offering a tangible real-world experience. They serve as physical reminders of your brand, evoking emotions and creating a sense... Continue Reading »

Psychology of Promo

Welcome to our blog. How are you feeling today? Lie down on the couch and tell us about your experiences with promotional products. Yes. Go on. The psychology of promotional products is real. A variety of psychological principles make these tangible items effective in influencing consumer behavior, fostering positive brand... Continue Reading »

We All Scream for Screen Printing

Fieldtrip! The Grapevine Designs Design Team visited a local screen printing operation to get an up-close-and- personal look at the screen printing process. We wanted to see the magic that turns Grapevine’s digital files into a perfectly finished product. We arrived at 9:30 am on a blistering Tuesday. Once we... Continue Reading »

Reflecting on Safety Gear

What do you think when you hear the words “safety gear”? A reflective crossing guard vest? A medical device? You probably don’t think branded apparel. But maybe you SHOULD. Because branded apparel and safety just go together. The apparel identifies workers, keeping them warm or cool, improving the safety of... Continue Reading »

“Welcome” Just Got Better

What is the best way to say “Welcome!”? A firm handshake? A slap on the back? A red carpet? That’s all very nice, but the answer is MERCH. New Employees want their MERCH. For decades, there was no MERCH. You showed up at work your first day, sharpened a few... Continue Reading »

Hats Off to Custom Caps

The Cat in the Hat got it right a long time ago: A hat isn’t just a hat. It’s a statement piece. In today’s world, it’s a trucker cap, a dad hat, a flat cap… and, more importantly, it’s a canvas for your brand. You can slap a simple patch... Continue Reading »

A Take on Tumblers: From Thermos to Stanley & Beyond

Long before the invention of insulated bottles there was the plaid Thermos. My dad drank coffee out of the lid of his red plaid Thermos on trips while my siblings and I pounded milk and powdered sugar donuts in the back of a paneled station wagon. This was the time... Continue Reading »

The Crazy Life of a Custom Promo Product

I was an idea, at first. Not even that. I was a possibility.   The US Ski and Snowboard team was putting together merch kits for their biggest donors. Generous people they are, some famous (I’ll never name names), who were stuck in their homes during COVID. So, how do you... Continue Reading »