Hats Off to Custom Caps

The Cat in the Hat got it right a long time ago: A hat isn’t just a hat. It’s a statement piece.

In today’s world, it’s a trucker cap, a dad hat, a flat cap… and, more importantly, it’s a canvas for your brand. You can slap a simple patch on a plain hat, but with so many decorative options in the promo hat world, there’s no excuse for a boring head. Even a patch isn’t just a patch anymore. In fact, the design options for caps are endless.

For example:

A camo cap with a dye-sublimated and leather patch with laser-engraved logo?

Or a retro 7-panel hat with a vintage applique and personalized embroidery?

Or maybe a custom all-over map imprint of your company’s locations with a dye-sublimated patch and a rope of any color across the brim (today’s best-selling style)?


Sounds complicated, right? It’s also a whole lot of words to describe Mixed Media, which means the use of two or more decoration techniques on a product. (We’ll get to decorative processes in a minute.) Using multiple techniques makes a hat stand out, makes it unlike anyone else’s hat. Trust me, you don’t want to see anyone wearing the same hat. Ask any woman who’s wearing a new dress and going, well, anywhere.

Working with the knowledgeable team at Grapevine Designs – a team who can create the concepts and then navigate the process – is key. You’ll end up with a unique cap that highlights your brand to the fullest. As a team familiar with the many decoration techniques, we will look at factors such as your time frame, the quantity of items you need, and the complexity of your logo to help narrow down the countless options available. For example, a quantity of 144 caps or more can be decorated overseas and flown back to the States allowing for more custom options. When considering design, an intricate logo would allow for more creative decoration techniques than a simpler logo design.

Speaking of decoration techniques, let’s look at some of the options:

  • Custom molding: It’s not just for dining rooms. But it is about making something stand out – like your logo, for instance. One design option is metal, because, well…why not? With this technique, liquid metal is poured into a mold, taking the shape of your logo; it can also be used to highlight the shape or design elements of your logo, or even to create an emblem that will then be attached to the cap.
  • Embroidery: A classic option and still the most popular decoration technique. And in recent years, embroidery has gotten a glow-up! It’s not your grandma’s embroidery. It’s not your Girl Scout community service patch embroidery. Now, your logo can be highlighted with chenille embroidery, Hollow 3D or reversed 3D embroidery, or brushed embroidery for a softer look.
  • Applique: Is your logo too detailed for embroidery? Good news! There’s applique. Applique is literally fabric on fabric, so your logo is woven into a piece of fabric and stitched onto the cap. Or if you’re feeling yourself, add dimension with laser-cut, double-stacked felt that is sewn directly onto the cap. Boom! You’ve got a bold, textured look.

Looking for even more options to decorate your hat? Our team at Grapevine can also show you examples of techniques including:

  • Heat-pressed Embossed Logo: Your logo is stamped or pressed into the fabric.
  • Screen Print: Ink designs are applied to the fabric (this process works well for larger designs).
  • Laser Etching: Your logo design is burned into the fabric creating a tone-on-tone effect.
  • Sublimation: A photographic print of your logo is applied to the fabric using heat.

So, now you know the difference between dye sublimation and laser etching, right? No? That’s ok… you don’t need to because we do.

How do you get your team some cool hats? Call Grapevine Designs. You’ll end up with a hat that is not only custom and cool but that’s really a piece of art – a brand canvas for your head.