The Crazy Life of a Custom Promo Product

I was an idea, at first. Not even that. I was a possibility.   The US Ski and Snowboard team was putting together merch kits for their biggest donors. Generous people they are, some famous (I’ll never name names), who were stuck in their homes during COVID. So, how do you... Continue Reading »

Creating a Culture of Recognition

Your employees are the best. They are. You know it and Dr. Bob knows it. That’s THE Dr. Bob Nelson, who, in 1995, created National Employee Appreciation Day. How did employees get recognized before 1995? No one knows. They worked hard, went home, cloned a sheep and watched an episode... Continue Reading »

A Little Promo Goes a Long Way

Employee Appreciation and Swag…they just go together. Like peanut butter and well, more peanut butter. When it comes to gifting a promotional product to your employees, make it useful and make it something they want. Drinkware, tech, apparel, bags, notebooks, socks, snacks, self-care items…all good options. Again, if you’re not... Continue Reading »

Ordering Platforms with You in Mind

Take your merch game to another level and stay connected to your employees with a Pop-Up shop. Whether you’re sending an employee recognition gift or thanking your customers, these platforms can be customized to serve the audience you need. And with so many available features, we can help determine which... Continue Reading »

Products We LOVE

Instead of a dozen roses, this Valentine’s Day we thought we’d share 12 new products we are loving right now. We kicked off 2023 in search of products and trends hitting the market. We enjoy the challenge and love sharing new ideas with you! Check out what’s new on our... Continue Reading »

We Understood the Assignment – 2022 Q4 Recap

Tell everyone your brand is awesome, without telling everyone your brand is awesome. Grapevine is your branded merchandise expert. We source products that fit your specific requirements and deliver creative designs that sync with your brand. Every. Single. Time. Check out these great brands that took their merch to another... Continue Reading »

Possibilities Imagined – 2022 Q3 Recap

It’s the end of Q3 and there’s so much to see! With the help of Grapevine Designs, these clients imagined the possibilities for their brand. And just look at the results… Click here to view the complete Q3 Recap.

Happy Gifting to All

Ready or not, the holiday season is on its way. You need to find unique gifting solutions for everyone on your list. Let us help you make that happen. From candles to cocktail kits, the perfect promotional item is a click away. Click here to shop now.

Brand Awesomeness – 2022 Q2 Recap

Q2, we’re looking at you! And what we’re seeing is a whole lot of awesomeness. Take a peek at the brand goodness that went out the door. Click here to view the complete Q2 Recap.