Reflecting on Safety Gear

What do you think when you hear the words “safety gear”?
A reflective crossing guard vest? A medical device?
You probably don’t think branded apparel. But maybe you SHOULD.

Because branded apparel and safety just go together. The apparel identifies workers, keeping them warm or cool, improving the safety of workers and job sites. And with the company’s name emblazoned on the merch, the brand is seen by a lot of people. BAM! Form AND function.

Industries from construction, manufacturing to aviation and transportation utilize safety apparel. The gear can range from hard hats and safety vests to ear and eye protection. They have one huge thing in common…they must all meet safety requirements.

Enter OSHA. That’s the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Every safety item must meet a set of OSHA regulations. That’s a whole lot of regulations for a whole lot of products. Here’s just one example. If your crew needs a high-visibility t-shirt, it needs to meet OSHA safety requirements. And that may include meeting other regulations like ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, that sets suggested standards for high visibility gear.

They look at components that go into high visibility fabrics such as material, fading, shrinkage and cleaning…and more. There are five categories within reflective gear alone! On a wearable, the standard might vary from 108 square inches of reflective material or 201 square inches. It changes the classification.

And what if this shirt will be used in a welding environment? It needs to be not only reflective, but flame retardant and anti-snag. Every piece of safety gear comes with its own set of regulations, so it’s important to work with sourcing experts who know their stuff. (like Grapevine Designs!)

Important points like:

  • The best-in-class safety goods that fit your time, budget and needs.
  • Products that have been tested for durability and longevity, to provide you with sustainable products (and as an aside, due to the testing of safety products, custom items are not available)
  • Products that meet your unique needs and are the latest in safety merchandise and apparel.

Sourcing experts (at Grapevine Designs!) can help you to find unique products to meet your particular needs. An evaporative vest in Hi-Viz yellow? Done.

Deerskin palm gloves with Thinsulate? No problem.

A size 4XL? Yep.

Sounds complicated? It can be. At Grapevine Designs, we make safety simple by handling suppliers, safety certification, branding and all the details in between.

Sounds like you can BE SAFE and STAND OUT!

And when it comes to your brand and safety, it’s all about standing out.