“Welcome” Just Got Better

What is the best way to say “Welcome!”?
A firm handshake? A slap on the back? A red carpet?
That’s all very nice, but the answer is MERCH. New Employees want their MERCH.
For decades, there was no MERCH. You showed up at work your first day, sharpened a few pencils, located the coffeemaker, and got to work.
When merch started to appear, you could expect a lanyard or if you were lucky, a white mug with a stark logo. Pour yourself some coffee and get to work.
Then, during Covid, saying “we’re glad you’re here” reached a whole new level.
Enter the kitted Welcome Box (also known as the We Appreciate You and the Thank You box).

“Welcome to work” officially became an occasion, a moment to savor, an experience to share on social media. In the beginning, kitted boxes were simple. They contained an individual item, like a piece of drinkware in a plain box. Over time, boxes became more elaborate, starting with the box itself. These days you can expect a fully designed kit with brand messaging printed outside, inside, or even on the bottom, which makes for a fun element of surprise after items have been removed. The kits themselves might contain multiple items that are displayed to their advantage, arranged for optimal shipping and ease of removal. (At least this is what you can expect from the Grapevine Designs thoughtful kitting process.)

A new employee might arrive on their first day of work to find a fully designed Welcome Box with items such as a journal, drinkware, lanyard, mouse pad, pen, tote bag, or post-it notes to name a few. The items are useful and often geared toward an on-site or home office. And speaking of home office, with the rise of working from home, kits are often drop-shipped to the employee’s home address. So, the Welcome comes to you!

When there’s this much excitement, nobody wants to keep it to themselves. Kitted boxes are everywhere. The promotional kitted box mimics retail trends, with kits containing everything from razors to next season’s wardrobe, to a litter of kittens. Okay, so maybe not the kittens? And as with retail, recipients of these kits want to share their experience on social media. Hence, the popular unboxing videos. Unboxing is now a verb, like Snapchatting and Adulting and Taco-ing. It’s a permanent part of our lexicon and this is good news for companies that are sending branded kits. It’s a great way to extend brand reach and connect with your employees in a unique way. And when your employees share the cool branded gear on social media, they become the influencers of your brand. They get cool stuff, you get visibility. It’s a win-win. Suddenly other companies have FOMO* and they want their brand on some cool stuff. Could be a Welcome Box, could be a Thank You Box, could be a Happy Birthday to Your Hamster Box. (really, there are endless occasions to send a kit). But it doesn’t matter what the reason, everyone wins here.

Here are EVEN MORE reasons to send a kit:

  • A great onboarding experience. A welcome kit is the perfect way to make a new employee feel comfortable and start them off with a positive experience with your company and your brand.

  • Boost Morale: The first day of a new job is nerve-wracking. And it doesn’t help that you had that dream last night where you can’t remember your locker combination. A Welcome Kit can put a new employee at ease and let them know they are already a valued member of the team.
  • Increased Productivity: A Welcome Kit gives a new employee everything they need to hit the ground running and dig into their job right away. And what better way to combat that Imposter Syndrome that has taken over your brain.
  • Increased Employee Retention: Employees who feel supported from the moment they walk in the door are more likely to stay with a company over the long haul. A branded kit says “Welcome”, “You’re part of the team” and “We support you, have some coffee”.

Saying Welcome is a big deal and custom branded kits reflect that. So, put your FOMO* to rest and let Grapevine Designs help you get going on your kits today!

*Fear of Missing Out